1 day Jinja Tour is by far the best day tour from Kampala as it includes visiting a number of places and doing several activities. It is little wonder tour which takes to Eastern region, the adventure capital of Uganda. Jinja is a land of perfect scenery, beautiful landscapes and endless treasures. This Jinja trip takes you through the best of them for an experience of your lifetime.

The tour starts from Kampala, taking you through the tea plantations, sugarcane and our local markets. You will experience the rapids of rivers, the beauty of forests, the sound of waters and the falling of them, right at the source of the Nile and the Sezibwa falls.
Sezibwa falls will be the first point to stop over to behold the uniqueness of this unstoppable waterflow of sorts; Sezibwa derives its name from the phrase, “sizibwa kkubo” in the Luganda language which is translated “my way cannot be blocked or hindered” in English.
From Sezibwa, the Jinja tour will lead you to the exciting Mabira forest. The forest adventure offers hiking opportunities through which birds, mammals and reptiles among other species can be spotted.

After this, you will visit the source of the Nile to finalize the 1 day Jinja tour. The popular activities on this 1 day Jinja tour in effect include:

  1. visiting the Sezibwa Falls Cultural Heritage Site to see the beautiful waterfalls and learn about preserved African traditional cultures.
  2. a visit to the Mabira rainforest for a trek that brings you close to nature and wildlife such as monkeys and birds.
  3. and finally you will take a boat ride on the might River Nile in Jinja and visit the famous Source of the Nile.
DEPARTURE TIME 7:00am but arrive 30Mins earlier and the meeting point
Meetup & Greet Accommodations
Local transportation Professional instructor
Ski equipment
Instructor gratuity

This a family friendly tour, kids will enjoy themselves very much as the adults discover the eastern outdoors. It can also be extended to white-water rafting, Kayaking and Sunset cruise along the river Nile to experience Uganda’s most authentic and unique activities on the mighty Nile during your Jinja safari.


Day 1: Takeoff from Kampala to Jinja

Start this day tour as early as possible, departing from Kampala not later than 7.00am.
Driving along the Kampala – Jinja, your first stop is after about 20 miles (forty minutes drive) at the spectacular Sezibwa Falls.
This is a cultural heritage site of the Buganda Kingdom that is rich with traditional folklore as shall be narrated by the site guide! Other than the cultural aspect, the falls are spectacularly beautiful, surrounded by lush greenery. There are plenty of birds and some wildlife such as monkeys that may be sighted in the nearby forest. You will spend roughly an hour exploring these serene spiritual grounds before returning to the highway.

After roughly twenty minutes you shall arrive to Mabira Forest for another exciting adventure.
Mabira Forest is the largest natural forest in Central Uganda that extends several miles along the Kampala – Jinja highway. Sign up at the Mabira Forest Eco Site and take to the forest trails to explore this incredibly rich jungle. Look out for several monkeys, birds, butterflies, small mammals such as squirrels, and get to learn about the different species of trees.
A group of Grey-cheeked Mangabeys has been habituated in this forest for which you stand a chance of encountering, however you will not be out to track them as this is different activity all together. After about two hours in Mabira, return to the road and drive to Jinja town.
Have lunch along the mighty Nile in Jinja, after which you will continue to the Source of the Nile. Take a boat ride from the shores of the Nile to the exact spot where the Nile waters start to flow. After some photo moments, enjoy the ride further into Lake Victoria, enjoying the beautiful countryside. For the keen birder, there are plenty of water birds including Cormorants, Egrets, Fish Eagles, Pelicans, etc… The ride is roughly an hour long, return and depart for Kampala, driving through Jinja town where you could purchase some souvenirs such as crafts.


End of Safari: Return to Kampala


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